Calvary Christian College

A Ministry of Real Life Christian Church

(formerly known as Logan Uniting Church)

Calvary Christian College will be a first choice Christian College with an ability to transform lives in Christ, provide innovation in learning, unleashing potential, create vibrant community and prepare students to become responsible citizens in our global community.

At Calvary Christian College, we are dynamic, agile and innovative. We are committed to celebrating the developing creative and critical thinkers for future generations.

We want our young people to be inventors, to be awestruck, to think big and to value excellence in a world of ever-increasing change and complexity.

A dual campus, independent Childcare to Year 12 Christian College we also aim to give each child a great sense of belonging during their time at the College while providing quality and affordable Christian education.

To find out more, please visit the Calvary Christian College website by clicking here.