Logan Uniting believes in the power of prayer! We love to pray together. It is an opportunity to discover more about God and allow Jesus to bring his salvation, life and power into our lives, transforming us and this world in the process. It is our privilege given through Jesus to listen to and converse with our incredible loving creator God.

Corporate Prayer

We meet on the First and Third MONDAYS at 7pm in the Springwood Campus Auditorium.

The Engine

Early morning prayer now happening:

Friday mornings 6.00 A.M – 7.00 A.M McDonald’s in the meeting room on Bryants Road, Carbrook.

Monday mornings  8.15am –9.15am in the Church Office.

House of Prayer

We meet in the Parents retreat (Springwood Campus) at 8:30am before every Sunday morning worship service and YOU ARE WELCOME!