Life Groups

How do you choose your friends? People who enjoy similar interests…people at the same stage of life…people who share the same goal …? How do you draw closer to Christ? Bible studies…attend courses…just share life with others…? That’s what Life Groups are all about; building friendships with whom we share interests and growing closer to Christ.

Amid a growing congregation like Logan Uniting Church, you can experience the power of dynamic worship and Bible teaching by coming together at a service every weekend, while developing a network of friends through a Life Group. Life Groups meet weekly, fortnightly and monthly in homes, coffee shops, at the church facility and just about anywhere and anytime you choose. You can join most groups anytime. Our Life Groups live out principles found in Acts 2:42 – Bible study, friendship and care for one another, hospitality, prayer and service.

It is our hope that every person will connect with one of these groups for your discipleship and your care.

So whether you are sailing smooth or in the midst of a struggle in life, go ahead—find a Life Group that interests you!